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Whether you're currently in Transportation & Logistics or not,  there are courses on our menu that will contribute towards your  success as an entrepreneur.

Have you been looking for an one stop shop for business courses and resources? 

Do you currently have a small business or are planning to start a small business and have no Accounting Process?  Allow us to share our knowledge with you.

Have a name, symbol, or logo that need to be trademarked, but you have no money for a lawyer?  Well guess what? You do not need a lawyer complete your trademark registration on your behalf.  We have a Tasty Trademark Registration Course for that.

Are you interested in starting a trucking company, however you are unable to find a reputable course that will provide you with detailed steps?  Well, take a look on our menu.

Do you currently have a small business or are planning to start a small business, but have no clue how to begin building your business credit?  We've added Braised Business Credit to the menu just for you. 

Trucking Startup




Take advantage of every opportunity to educate and invest in yourself.  As successful business owners, we've found that knowledge it limitless and necessary in order to structure and scale your business efficiently.  The information that you'll receive in our detailed E-Courses can be applied immediately.  

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I am delighted to have partnered with Tia Marshall to serve you a Full "Course" Menu. I hold a BS and Master's Degree in Accounting from Kennesaw State University. In addition, I have over 8 years of experience in the transportation industry and 10 years of experience working for the state/federal government. Also, I am the owner of multiple successful businesses. My ultimate mission is to be able to spend more time with my family, give back to my community, grow my own food while uplifting and assisting other like-minded aspiring professionals and entrepreneurs. I enjoy inspiring all future business owners by sharing my knowledge, giving my guidance on how to become and stay successful and delivering my expertise through the experience I have gained.  Let's build wealth together!

Hello, I'm Tanesha

Hello, I'm Tia

My passion is to help aspiring entrepreneurs along their journey by passing along knowledge via a variety of courses. I've used my IT knowledge of 18 years and entrepreneur experience of over 10 years to build a business portal just for you! I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Systems. With both my corporate and business knowledge I've been able to build a very successful transportation business! My goal is for you to learn from my mistakes! There were very little resources, content, and trainings readily available when I started my first business. I vowed to myself to reach back out and help others. So here we are! Welcome to the Full "Course" Menu™!

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Each course on the Full "Course" Menu was constructed and tailored with your business needs in mind.  Now, are you Hungry for Knowledge... Let's review what's on the menu!

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Learn the right way to register and structure your business for business credibility, apply for your EIN, and much more...

The goal is to separate your business from personal.  This is true for finances and credit.  Learn to begin building your business credit as a new business owner.


It's imperative that as either a small business or larger business, you have Accounting Processes in place.  It's important to understand your numbers.  Without knowing this, it'll be impossible to scale your business.  Let us show you the essentials of accounting.


There are numerous grants that are open for applicants to apply.  However, there's a science behind locating the grants, determining eligibility, and maintaining grants that you may be unaware of.  You are sure to obtain pertinent details needed in this course.

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We understand that everyone has different learning styles. 
So, it's our priority to provide you with options.  If the Gravy Grants E-Course is not for you, this E-Guide might just be.  It's packed with valuable details in regards to Grants.


We understand that everyone has different learning styles. 
So, it's our priority to provide you with options.  If the Braised Business Credit E-Course is not for you, this E-Guide might just be.  It's packed with valuable details in regards to building your Business Credit.


Most people are surprised to find out that you don’t need a lawyer to file a trademark. The actual filing of the trademark is a simple process that can be completed on your own.  However, there are detailed steps that you must follow.  We'll show you here.

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Transportation is essential and it keeps the world running.  Without transportation neither of us could function.  Almost all goods are transported at a point.  In this course we will provide you with the details to start your own trucking company! 


If you're interested in breaking into the Transportation industry, the best and less expensive way to start is as a Dispatcher.  It's difficult for carriers to dispatch themselves and file the necessary paperwork while driving.  This is where Dispatchers come in.  


As a Freight Broker, you will stand in between the Shipper and Carrier (or Dispatcher).  Finding a Carrier to haul a shipper's freight to the destination without interruption, is a Freight Broker's priority.  If you're interested in starting your very own Freight Brokerage, this course is for you!

So, I know you're thinking,
What makes Full "Course" Menu different?  What comes with each Course?   

Our material is digestible.  You will receive valuable information that you can easily retain.

The content in each course will keep you engaged & help you remain intentional and dedicated to growing your business.

We understand that even after course completion that you may need support.  So, you will receive an invitation to our Private Full "Course" Menu Facebook Support Group.

You will receive 60 Days of Access to your Course!

You will receive a reputable and detailed checklist after each course that you can utilize to keep you on track during your business endeavors.

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